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August 15th,

Yesterday, with my Korean "Chingu" (4 co-workers : 2 Soo-Jong, Sing-Hi and Ji-In), we decided to go for a Pic-Nic at Kapyong. We should meet at Inha University early in the morning. When I arrive, only one Soo-Jung is here. I call Ji-In, she is still sleeping, the other Soo-jung and Sing-Hi are in the bus, arriving...
The weather in not so good ("pie chogum") but we decide to go and see how it is at Kapyong !
After picking Ji-In at Bucheon, every body is here and the "long day to Kapyong" can start.


Music, Koean stories... time in car always seems long, especially when outside it is rainning ("pie mani mani" !) but we finnaly find a place to start our Korean pic-nic.

Kapyong - Coree Kapyong - Korea Kapyong - Coree Namyangju - Korea

Video : Yopkin Ji In ! ;-) If video not working, please try to download Real Player (FREE)

It is a very good time for me... one man, four beautifull women... I'm a lucky guy !!

Pic-nic coreen Korean picnic Pique nique coreen

After finishing our barbecue, we go and visit the Mongol Village installed by Namyangju office.

Take few pictures of local "stars" and spend a few time to listen mongol songs.

After that, we go back to our pic-nic place, sun came back so Ji-In has the good idea to splash water to everybody.
After every body wet, there is no more problem for swimming (Soo-Jung tried !!) but water is only 20 cm deep so it is difficult.

Video : Strange women in the midle of river ! ;-) If video not working, please try to download Real Player (FREE)


4 PM, we go back into the car and the long way for comming back to Inchon start. As usual, when reaching Seoul, we stick into traffic jams, after changing of road, few mistake when looking for our way... we finnaly arrive to Puchon and then Inchon. It is late, I'm tired but ... what a wondefull day !

Thank you to all my Chingu for this day. I have still 3 gas botles in the boot of my car so maybe we should plan one or two more pic-nics !!


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